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our story

A belief that God had directed their paths to foreign missions led Ryan and Caitlyn to Southeastern University where they met and later married. In 2005 they began serving as missionaries with the Assemblies of God. Joining them on the mission to make Christ known, first in the eastern jungles of Colombia and later on university campuses, are their three beautiful children, Sibila, Crews, and Elanor. Together the Jordans strive to make disciples of Christ regardless of the setting.

the ministry

In 2012 the Jordans began working to reach students on the campus of the University where they live. The ministry started as one small group and has now expanded across the nation, and Ryan and Caitlyn serve as national directors for the growing ministry, Red Universitaria Colombia.


Since 2011 Ryan has served as a member of the board of directors for the Colombian Assemblies of God missions department, DINAMIS. His primary roles are mobilization and cross-cultural training.


Ryan and Caitlyn also teach theology, missiology, and apologetics in seminary and informal settings.

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